What Is The Most Popular Permanent Makeup?

What Is The Most Popular Permanent Makeup

It’s simple to understand why permanent makeup is quickly becoming one of the most popular makeup options for individuals worldwide. Consider your everyday routine. How much time do you allot to applying makeup?

Imagine applying makeup for 15 minutes a day, five days a week. It works out to be 65 hours a year. It may save you a significant amount of time each year. Permanent makeup is also a terrific alternative for those who can’t wear regular makeup due to skin issues and allergies.

Pure Skin and Aesthetics will give you all the information regarding the most popular permanent makeup!

What is permanent makeup?

You could be asking yourself, “Do I need permanent makeup?” Permanent makeup may be a fantastic alternative for people with allergies or sensitive skin who don’t respond well to cosmetics. Permanent makeup enables anyone who can’t apply due to visual or dexterity issues to wear makeup daily.

Cosmetic tattooing is a form of permanent makeup that can supplement or replace conventional cosmetics. To obtain excellent lines and smooth, soft shading, highly skilled technicians or artists employ hand tools and many of the same instruments tattoo artists use.

Permanent makeup can last between one and three years, depending on the procedure used and daily maintenance. Even though this process is known as permanent makeup, the results are technically semi-permanent due to the depth at which the pigment is applied and the use of diluted pigments in regions of the face with fast-renewing facial tissue.

What are the different types of permanent makeup?

We’ve highlighted some essential information you’ll need to know before getting the most popular permanent makeup procedures, so read before committing to aesthetic tattoos to boost your makeup game. Here is all the information you need to know, from how it functions to how long it lasts.


The most well-known permanent cosmetic procedure is microblading, a fancy term for an eyebrow tattoo. The cosmetologist creates more prominent, realistic-looking brows by inserting color right beneath the skin in natural eyebrow hair strokes.

The microblade’s needles are tiny. To produce each hair stroke, we would use this equipment to implant the ink. Microblading provides some people with the beauty of a brow while filling up the sparse regions of already full brows. It is called the Ombre’ Powder Brow at Pure Skin and Aesthetics.

Consider revisiting your expert 12 to 18 months later for a touch-up. It is up to each individual to decide when to schedule maintenance once the color loses intensity because the pigments fade gradually over time. The cosmetologist will add a color concentration to the current work during the maintenance session.

Lip Blushing

Lip blushing acts as a semi-permanent tattoo, enhancing the shape, color, and appearance of your lips while creating the appearance of fullness. You may improve the appearance of your lips by dabbing colored ink into them and along the lip line. The use of subtle tones creates the illusion of being natural.

Lip blushing could be a perfect choice for you if you’re after a daily blurred lip appearance with a little color boost. People have discomfort and swelling after the treatment, but you also need to have a relatively strong pain threshold because the lips are much more sensitive than the other regions of the face. Expect to appear like you recently had lip injections for a week after your session, leaving you puffy.

The color will last around a year once you’ve undergone several touch-up visits to attain your desired appearance. We advise returning anytime the color needs a boost, although results ordinarily last three to five years.

Permanent Eyeliner

Getting permanent eyeliner is a choice that does deal with the have to use eyeliner daily. Depending on your preferences, the technique entails tattooing and inking your lash line, which can result in liners that seem heavy or natural. If you line your eyes every morning, permanent eyeliner can provide comparable effects without the constant hassle.

Every three to five years, touch-ups are necessary to maintain the color permanently. We advise returning whenever the color may use a little boost.

Lash Lift and Tint

The lash lift and tint are similar to getting the lashes permed and colored. This procedure reshapes your eyelashes, making your straight ones curl upwards more obviously by employing the same chemicals used in hair perms.

It takes roughly an hour for each application. Your natural lashes will be elevated, curled upward after your treatment, and seem darker due to the specific tint pigment.

Maintaining lash lift and tint is simple. When done correctly, your lashes can remain in excellent condition for four to six weeks. So for a month, leave the mascara and eyelash curler away and enjoy freshly curled lashes every morning.

How do you take care of your permanent makeup?

It would be best to practice proper aftercare to keep your permanent makeup looking beautiful and high-quality. Additionally, you risk developing an infection if your cosmetic tattoo is not correctly cared after.

You might wish to take the following actions to maintain your permanent makeup:

  • Never touch the tattooed area without first making sure your hands are clean;
  • As much as possible, refrain from touching the region that has permanent makeup, except for cleaning;
  • For the first two weeks, use a nourishing cream or any other cream that your permanent makeup artist recommends twice daily;
  • Till it is fully healed, refrain from putting anything to your face;
  • Be sure always to use sun protection;
  • Avoid swimming
  • Avoid excessive sweating

If your makeup starts to fade, you may also receive a color boost to revive your brows or other features. Although it may seem regrettable that it ultimately fades, it’s a positive thing after a few years. Modifying your permanent makeup’s color, shape, or style is advantageous.

Permanent Makeup at Pure Skin and Aesthetics

Permanent makeup may be a low-maintenance time-saving for beauty enthusiasts with a hectic lifestyle when applied expertly to the right candidate. Any permanent makeup technique should be planned with the assumption that it will last a lifetime. Were you considering having permanent makeup? Contact us at Pure Skin and Aesthetics right away!


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